Hardware Solutions


The Fujitsu U-Scan Genesis II brings the intuitive Catapult® self-checkout experience to a new level. It combines the easy-to-use, self-guided interface of Transaction Server with sleek, modern design.

Mini Self-Checkout

The Fujitsu Mini-SCO packs the power of the Genesis II into a smaller package, without losing any punch. It combines the easy-to-use, self-guided interface of Transaction Server with sleek, modern design.

City Market

City Market® is a premium kiosk designed for ePay transactions with cash back functionality. This dependable, ADA-compliant kiosk serves micro markets and retailers with minimal operator maintenance.

Express Market

While it is one of the most affordable self-checkout kiosks on the market, The Express Market™ Kiosk is extremely capable and ready to handle the most complex and demanding transactional volumes.

Price Checkers

In the absence of expensive in-aisle customer service labour, customers need the ability to answer their own questions. Catapult’s Price Checker solution accommodates in-aisle barcode scanning for on-the-spot price checks.

Accelerated Checkout

RAPTOR® Accelerated Checkout® is a new Accelerated Checkout technology that’s changing the game of grocery retail. RAPTOR uses 360-degree scan tunnel technology to maximize efficiency and convenience.

Mobile POS

Mobility and durability define this Mobile POS from Touch Dynamic. Equipped with an onboard scanner and magnetic stripe reader, it gives retailers the ability take the POS anywhere while staying connected.

Scanner / Scales

Catapult® works with the leading USB scanner and scale partners to provide the fast and seamless scanning capability. These precision-made devices keep transactions flowing for an optimal checkout experience.

Payment Terminals

Delivering full payment capability including EMV, NFC Tap & Pay, Pin & Chip, and more, our payment solutions are a compliment to any POS. With a vibrant color display and compact design, these terminals are sure to delight your shoppers.

Receipt Printers

Catapult’s world-class printing solutions are some the most dependable and accurate available today. Professional receipt branding and graphics capabilities leave a lasting impression for shoppers.


The patented Secure OneTouch® is designed to put your checkout process in friction-free, hypersonic mode. This biometric device allows shoppers to associate with their transaction and pay with a single touch.


The sleek customer displays offer a crisp visual to capture your customers at the POS. With a variety of sizes and mounting styles, these displays allow you to design your front end your way.

Label Printers

Whether you’re printing graphically-enhanced color labels from the back office or need to print labels right in the aisle, we’ve got the solution that fits you.

Handheld Terminals

Catapult® HHT offers many powerful back office inventory functions found in Catapult, but with handheld convenience. These devices are rugged (yet sophisticated) to meet the demands of inventory management.

We’ve got your back office management hardware covered.


The latest generation of workstations offer a powerhouse of computing power. We supply the latest technology to give retailers the longest possible life out of their data-hosting hardware.


Our servers set the industry standard for performance. We offer only the latest in processor technology so your operation runs efficiently.

Trying to get more out of your current hardware?

Don’t get stuck using an inferior retail software solution just because you want to get more out of your hardware investment. We have helped retailers all over get the most out of their existing hardware while upgrading their software experience to the next level. Since Catapult is a Windows-based application, it can be used on a variety of different POS types.

Existing point of sale and peripheral devices we can work with include:

  • All-in-one PC’s
  • Desktop and touch-screen combos
  • Printers
  • Hand scanners
  • Scanner scales
  • And more