Restaurant POS Solutions

Restaurant POS SolutionsThe new generation of restaurant owner is as discerning about their point of sale system as they are about their ingredients, and their customers are just as particular.

Nothing goes through a restaurant or a kitchen without first going through the restaurant POS solutions installed there. For this reason, the technology that the restaurateur relies on must be solid and it has to be fast.

When it comes to features, today’s restaurant owner wants to be able to split checks and split items, they want a topping matrix that can handle not only whole and half but quarters as well. They want upsize and downsize, and they want it to handle inventory accurately.

They need dine in, takeout, curbside, takeaway, quick service over the counter, interactive customer displays, table service, self service kiosk, bar, nightclub, line busting, online ordering, and they want to track their VIPs with a guest list and reservation system, and they want to reward them with loyalty and customer engagement. They want integrated credit & debit – wired, wireless, and cellular – with contactless payments, and they want to sell gift cards, both physically and virtually on their website.

At the back end they want kitchen display systems to improve accuracy, labour management to control cost, inventory control with recipes and ingredients, liquor tracking, bottle counting, and draught metering, and accounting interfaces all kept track of and they want access to it from anywhere at anytime, from any device. They want to get automatic alerts when things go wrong in the restaurant, and they want to know when things go right.

Smart restaurateurs trust Armagh POS Solutions to provide the right products and services to make all of these things possible. We provide 24/7 support with emergency onsite service when things go wrong, and we’ve been doing it since 1979, so we know a thing or two about restaurant POS solutions.