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Global Restaurant Customer Display

Reliable and Affordable iPad Platform

Consumers and critics alike have praised Apple as having the most reliable devices, and so it’s the best thing for our touch screen customer display! Apple iPads are expertly designed and built, are easy to use (just ask any 6 year old), perform exceptionally well, offer the best combination of speed & price, have an automatically backed up and upgraded operating system, and come with the best security and support of any touch screen tablet brand.


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Improved Accuracy

A customer facing display does exactly that – it shows the customer what’s happening in the transaction real time as it happens.

When your guest can see what’s going on with a transaction errors are more likely to be noticed and corrected before the end of the purchase. If a transaction error goes all the way to payment, then most restaurants need a manager to come and correct it. The need to do this is reduced significantly in quick service operations when there is a customer display.

Improved order accuracy also translates into reduced cost from food waste and improved productivity of your front of house and kitchen staff. Not only does it reduce labour for staff and managers, but it improves customer throughput (the number of customers you can manage at the busiest times) and ultimately improves customer trust and satisfaction.

Global Restaurant POS Rear Customer DisplayImproved Transparency

Similarly, the customer display has a high deterrent factor for employees looking to do any shenanigans in the till. If the cashier knows your family, friends, and customers can see all line items, promos, and discounts being added and subtracted from transactions they are less likely to even try.

The customer display shows a running total of their meal and any taxes, quantities of items, tender types, gift card amounts sold or tendered, and any additional transaction information that is valuable to know. This level of transaction transparency not only improves the level of trust a manager has in their staff, but also the level of trust your guest has in your restaurant.

Full Touch Screen Functionality

The Global Restaurant Point of Sale guest display is more than just a pretty face. In addition to improving order accuracy, reducing waste and theft, and increasing customer throughput, customers may sign for orders, print their receipts, and even choose to email them instead.

Because our customer display is a touch screen capable Apple iPad, we can do more than just display stuff. It’s a whole interactive customer experience!

Global Restaurant Customer Display Slide ShowAdvertising Slide Show

While your guest is waiting in line, you may as well make productive use of their wasted time! Global Restaurant POS’ Customer Display app has a great way to promote your products and services!

Upload your latest promotional marketing graphics to the cloud server to deploy them in near real time across your enterprise on every customer facing display.

Unused or idle POS terminals will cause the Customer Display app to automatically rotate your display images, showing each one for a number of seconds you specified. Relevant and timely in-store marketing just got a little easier!