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Credit & Debit Processing

Credit and Debit Processing

Fast, secure, integrated, Canadian credit & debit processing.

Integrated credit and debit processing saves time and money. Period. That’s why without exception integrated credit and debit is the most popular POS feature requested by restaurants. Restaurants deploy credit & debit processing integration in order to streamline transactions, reduce losses from key-entry error, improve accuracy to reduce customer service issues, and to reduce the amount of labour hours spent by managers – the most expensive staff in the restaurant – to reconcile messy cash-outs.


Integrated credit & debit processing can prevent internal fraud and theftPax S300 wired credit & debit processing pinpad

Fraud and theft reduction is also a compelling reason to deploy integrated credit & debit on any restaurant system. Owners and managers in busy restaurants simply cannot supervise personally every bar and table transaction completed every day of the week to determine the level of accuracy and honesty being employed, and the impact of a single dishonest employee serving food or beverage without ringing it in but collecting payment can be staggering. Electronic tracking of transactions through connected payment devices and payment enforcement on checks through integration is one of the easiest things that restaurants can do to reduce shrinkage that can have immediate results, and restaurants should insist on it. See helpful blog post on this topic, here.


Pax S920 wireless pinpad for credit & debit processingWireless or Wired, just tap and pay

Whether restaurants are quick service or table service establishments, nightclubs or delivery operations, there is a pinpad device for every kind of food service business. Devices can accept all types of popular credit card, EMV chip, and contactless NFC (near field communication) payments such as tap and pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, among many others.





Global Restaurant POS Guest App Scan To PayScan To Pay

One of the more innovative BYD (bring your own device) solutions to “come of age” in recent months is Scan To Pay technology. For merchants using Global Payment Systems for their integrated credit and debit processing, when the check prints, the point of sale software includes a QR Code printed on the bottom of the receipt, instructing guests that they have the option to scan with their mobile phone to pay. Merchants who choose to do so, may use the Global Restaurant POS Mobile Guest App, or they may pay using their Mobile Wallet.



Self Service Kiosk ProcessingGlobal Restaurant Self Service Kiosk w Pinpad

Restaurants that implement the Global Restaurant POS automated Self Service Kiosk may offer multiple ways to pay here as well. Guests may choose a completely automated credit and debit pinpad at the self service kiosk, use a gift card, or choose to pay at any available cashier station if they would like to pay cash or would prefer an assisted payment experience.



Online Ordering Payments Gateway

When restaurants deploy the Global Restaurant Online Ordering system, online payments using credit card and gift card are available. Integrated gift card, and pay on pickup are also configurable options when using the Global Restaurant Online Ordering system.